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Why Choose Me?

My biography page:
Sam Bliden, MS Chemistry, Math & Chemistry Tutor

Graphic of three stacked texts with mottled orange-brown covers, one reads Algebra I am a knowledgeable, patient and personable tutor, experienced in accurately assessing your potentials and needs.

I will design a one-on-one, individual approach to teach you new skills and help improve the skills you already have. Together we'll build a solid foundation of fundamental study and preparation methods.

What do I Offer?

I'll help you find, develop, and solidify your strengths, organizational techniques, and self-confidence. I will apply and adapt an individual approach to improve your time management, study habits, test preparation, and testing. I provide tutoring for homeschool, 7-12, college, and independent study.

*Standard Classroom Support

Get help with current class coursework, including specific questions, assignments, homework, test preparation, and concepts.

*Subject & Coursework Preparation

Prepare yourself for your college major, future classes, or the SAT. Instruction can be structured to a curriculum or syllabus. You will need to bring any appropriate textbooks to your sessions.

*Independent Study

Are you wanting to pursue a subject out of fascination or for the sake of knowledge? Is your goal to "test-out" of a required course? Maybe you need to brush up on your skills in order to get a particular job or promotion? Instruction may include exams and/or homework.

Appointments accepted for 11am until 10pm Mon-Thurs
& for 11am until 7pm Fri-Sun.
Call (206) 527- 3283 to schedule an appointment.

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