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Sam Bliden, MS Chemistry

Animated, cobalt-blue with white interior, cross-shaped star distorts, melts, and then restraightens. Hi, I'm Sam Bliden and I tutor chemistry and math. A native of Baltimore, I earned my BS Chemistry from Sonoma State University and my MS Chemistry from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Since 1979, I worked as a chemist in environmental analysis; taught chemistry, math, physics, and physical science at several community colleges in both the Portland and Seattle areas; and opened Ahead of the Class Tutoring Center in 1995. I've been a tutor since my early college days in 1960.

It has been my observation that students tend to underestimate their abilities in math and science. This likely comes from missing critical, early fundamentals. Just little distractions from the study of fractions in 3rd grade, or beginning algebra in the 7th and 8th grades, can cause a student to believe he or she has no aptitude for those subjects.

For me, the joy of seeing an individual connect with his or her latent talents for analyzing and solving problems beats extraterrestrial travel.

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Appointments accepted for 11am until 10pm Mon-Thurs
& for 11am until 7pm Fri-Sun.
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